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Many moons ago...

The village is Sailon faced a drought that lasted 5 years.

The drought wiped clean all of Sailon's millet crops.

Just then, Kuroba an enterprising but erratic man started selling food made with unhealthy, unnatural ingredients.

When the draught ended, the millet crop was back but Kuroba's need to be the only provider of food made him a megalomaniac.

He started setting the crops on fire and became a self made god for the people of Sailon.

Cruncha vowed to put an end to Kuroba's reign and bring back the healthy millets to Sailon.

He assembled a team of extraordinary warriors to help him stop Kuroba.

Collect all 6 Cruncha Muncha Warriors to get the Warrior Fortress
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Kasai "The Firefighter"

  • kasai strength  98
  • kasai agility  88
  • kasai defence  90

Big, burly and brave. Kasai was all that and more when he's fighting the fires Kuroba started. In a recent fire started by the evil tyrant Kuroba, Kasai saved 2 people and 4 horses single-handedly and became a hero.

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Jinsoku "the Swift"

  • jinsoku strength  75
  • jinsoku agility  95
  • jinsoku defence  87

Jinsoku was born at the strike of dawn in the easternmost village of the country. People say the first light of the sun hit Jinsoku and that gave him speed unlike any other human or animal.

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Kashikoi "The Wise"

  • Kashikoi strength  90
  • Kashikoi agility  82
  • Kashikoi defence  78

As a student of Cruncha, Kashikoi was learned in the workings of the mind. He had trained himself to decipher every move the person opposite made and was often 2 steps ahead of the enemy.

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Chikara "The Strong"

  • Chikara strength  96
  • Chikara agility  80
  • Chikara defence  92

People in his village call him Chikara 'The Bull' because of how he could plough his fields alone while everybody else had bulls to do it for them. Before the drought, Chikara would carry all the harvest at once to the market.

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Kage "The Shadow Hunter"

  • Kage strength  72
  • Kage agility  95
  • Kage defence  85

Even before Kuroba, Kage was the hero of the land. A trained ninja, Kage was impossible to spot, stealthy in his approach and merciless when it came to serving justice. Kage made it a point to protect peoplr from the darkness.

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Sokudo "the Fastest"

  • Sokudo strength  87
  • Sokudo agility  76
  • Sokudo defence  97

Many considered Sokudo to be the quickest man in the land. Little did they know his speed knew no bounds and he used it to slow down time itself. Before Cruncha took him under his wing and trained him to join the fight against Kuroba.

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