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Honest. Natural. Genuine.

When it comes to making breakfast,
these are the only words in our dictionary.

Because we have no use for other words
like 'Artificial' or 'Preservatives'.

Diwali Festive Pack

Our Soulfull Greetings pack is filled with goodies like Ragi Bites and Millet Muesli which are bursting with nutrients. Can we let you in on a little secret? Every Soulfull Greeting pack comes with a neat electronic Dia. Lighten up on the kilos, brighten up homes. What can we say, we’re just feeling extra generous this festive season!


Millet Smoothix

A fuel that’s sweet but definitely not sugar-coated. Accelerate your day with this high protein, jaggery-powered drink with just 120 calories! Go full throttle with 2 delicious flavors for double the punch and breeze through your 5 PM hunger pangs with crunchy Almond & Cocoa Lite. Come on! Fuel your body with millets, pulses, & cereals in a tall glass of goodness that is sure to get you going.


Soulfull Multi
Grain Loopies

Out-of-the-loop no more! With their natural ingredients, zero preservatives, and unique form, Loopies offer you wholesome goodness and holesome fun.


Ragi Bites

Made with more than 50% Ragi on the outside, and 4 really delicious flavours on the inside. The Dal brings in the protein, and the absence of Maida keeps the gluten out. Best enjoyed by kids and the adults who refuse to grow up.


Millet Muesli

Made with whole grains, and nothing but the grains. High on fibre, no added sugar or preservatives, yet tasty. And because we are special like that, we are the only ones who make our muesli using millets. Go ahead, pinch yourself.


Desi Muesli

Muesli now goes local with the goodness of rolled oats and grains clubbed with choicest Indian spices like chillies, coriander, garlic and onions for your desi palate. Packed with rich nutrients & flavors, this is a breakfast made in heaven! We are drooling... are you?


Ragi Flakes

Two words. 100% Ragi. What does that give you? Flakes that are diabetic-friendly, gluten free, and completely natural. Who would have thought, right?


Oat Millet Meal

Not your regular oatmeal. Thanks to the Foxtail Millet it is high in fibre, protein, and complex carbs. And when you throw the preservatives and artificial flavours out, and add in a 3 minute cooking time, there’s hardly anything regular about it.