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5 Reasons why healthy drinks should be part of your daily diet

If you’re on this article, you don’t need us to tell you that a well-balanced diet is key to a healthy life. You probably also don’t need us to tell you that it can be hard to stick to said diet! Life, after all, provides several obstacles - we get busy, cravings kick in, we might not have time for a full meal… We get it, all of us are human, after all! 

This is where the magic of healthy drinks might help. Be it a nice cold fruit juice, a warm cuppa tea, a revitalizing protein shake, or an all-in-one powerhouse like Soulfull Millet Smoothix, your health goals could just be a beverage away.  

Here are five reasons why, in addition to healthy meals, it makes sense adding some awesome liquid goodness into your daily fix!

5 Important benefits of drinking healthy Smoothies:

  1. Convenience: A nice big glug, and you’re done! But it’s more than just the snack-in-ten-seconds appeal that makes a drink convenient. It’s easy to carry around in a flask or bottle, making it ideal for trips, hikes, rides and even the office. Powdered options like Smoothix have the added advantage of just needing water or milk added. What’s more, there are times when you actually can’t eat because you’re recovering - healthy drinks are a great alternative, and make you feel full.
  2. Delicious: Come on, we wouldn’t be drawn to something if it weren’t setting off a bit of dopamine in the brain, would we? Finding the elusive balance between taste and health is a tricky one. Thankfully, nature has provided us with several options - natural sugars and sweeteners can satiate a craving without needing to resort to added sugar. Healthy drinks can be easily made without compromising on taste. “Would the kids steal it from the larder when nobody's looking?” is our acid test. (Psst: They would!).
  3. Customizable: Show us three people, and we’ll show you three different preferred styles for their smoothies. Why our office itself is divided into warm milk and cold milk factions for their Smoothix shakes. Some renegades prefer water. Others add coconut water! Some like it nice and thick, others love the flow of a looser shake. And similarly with other drinks - some like sweeter fruit juices, some love the citrus goodness of oranges. Healthy drinks are democratic that way - you can have it in your style. You can (heh) shake things up.
  4. Nutritional Powerhouse: Alright, we cheated a little with this one. You probably won’t derive much nutrition out of a soft drink or a sugar-laden float. But the right ingredients can make your liquid snack not just delicious (see #2!) but downright good for you! Tea has antioxidants. Coconut water is full of electrolytes. Millet Smoothix brings you the benefits of twelve grains, a nice dose of protein and fiber, antioxidants from natural preservatives, and sweetness not from sugar, but good ol’ natural jaggery - making for an instant energy drink that’ll not just have both your taste buds and doctor approving. Not to mention - they contain plenty of water, which keeps dehydration at bay.
  5. Aids Digestion: Apart from having a lot of minerals and vitamins, many facets of healthy drinks aid digestion. Smoothix, for example, comes with 7g of fiber, almost as much as two apples. Other ingredients in healthy drinks help keep your system sparklin’ clean as well. So if you want a healthy digestive system… Go with your gut (ba dum tish)!
So there you have it, give good reasons to include healthy drinks into your daily diet (emphasis on healthy!). Looking to get started? Check out our delicious (if we do say so ourselves!) range of taste-and-nutrition-laden millet shakes here.
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