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5 Reasons why eating Ragi is a great idea for a healthy body and mind

Tough times are times we learn from. One thing we can safely takeaway from this pandemic, is an improved lifestyle by curating a fit and healthy habits.

A lot of us have begun adopting healthier lifestyles and adopting food that is rich for the body to gather enough antibodies to step outside and socialise. As the country unlocks itself from the lockdown, there is an unsaid worry about whether the possibility to catch the virus is higher while we wine and dine.  

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered.

If you have heard about Ragi, you’ve probably heard that it is an ancient grain and is a part of the palette for many households. This millet has seen its limelight and rise in acceptance as it is one of the immunity building foods, during Covid, however, there is more to this millet superfood beyond its taste and texture. But not only is a great food, it also serves as a great snack like our Ragi Bites.

Snack on Ragi during Covid-19

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should consume Ragi during and post-Covid:

1. A Nutritious Grain:

A Nutritious Grain

Confused about whether you read that right? Well, you did. (Warning some time-worthy statistics ahead.) According to Netmeds.com, Ragi has about 5-8% protein, 65-75% carbohydrates and 15-20% dietary fibre. It not only has the highest calcium value of 334%mg but also has 408%mg of potassium. Ragi has 1.3% fat content, rich in amino acids and easy to digest! A multitasking grain that gives you more than what you asked for and keeps your health in check for a long time.

2. It promotes your family’s good health:

It promotes your family’s good health

If that does not get you shaken; this will definitely get you stirred. As a source of natural calcium, for mothers who cannot get their children to drink milk, Ragi strengthens the bones of the young ones, keeping diseases such as osteoporosis far away. And do not be concerned about your child eating this millet, it keeps malnutrition and anaemia at bay. Expectant mothers and elderly can lean on Ragi with its rich-in-iron content keeping you in good health.

3. A relaxant:


Stress eating is ever-present with the owing pressure of working from home and managing the household simultaneously. Instead of stress eating, we suggest you snack on some Namkeen Ragi Bites. Don’t believe us? A study published by MedIndia, details how Ragi is present with antioxidants, Trytophan and amino acids that help deal with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. What better way to calm yourself down and keep the Covid stress away by munching on some healthy crispy snacks that naturally relaxes your body?

4. Keeps away that quarantine belly:

Workout in Quarantine to stay fit

2020 was the year where we were to put in all our effort to work out and stay fit so we have that #Summerbod. An unforeseen pandemic botched that all away. We say you don’t give up! Summer may have gone by, but monsoon and winter will be here to stay. Remember when we talked about Ragi’s dietary fibres (1.)? They cut out the unwanted cravings and keeps the stomach satisfied and healthy. It activates insulin and inspires weight loss. Say bye to that muffin top and start exercising for a healthy body with this millet.

5. A friend of all, foe of none:


While it is necessary to keep your health in check, don’t forget about your kids too! In case your kids don’t like the bland taste of Ragi and aren’t motivated enough to eat it, here’s a brainwave. You can cook this millet with all kinds of foods. Variations such as Ragi dosa, Ragi idli have been largely received and it’s about time you try it too. If you prefer the Italian cuisine, you can also add Ragi to the crust of your pizza which makes it healthy and yummy at the same time. For the chapathi folks, you can add Ragi while making the batter for the chapathi enhancing your meal’s nutrition quantity. There are many more Ragi snacks and meals that you can make at home or are readily available in market, like Soulfull Ragi Bites. Check out the savoury the new Soulfull Namkeen Ragi Bites, an exciting offering for kids who like to go an adventure to explore their palette. Let your kid and yourself snack on this super-millet any time, any day and remain guilt free! 

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