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A good morning begins with Millet Muesli

Until last year, the only breakfast that the author of this blogpost was a fan of was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. As a former member of the no-breakfast brigade, I decided to start her mornings with a proper meal after being badgered by my mother one too many times. After reluctantly but continuously choosing to sit down for a real breakfast instead of grabbing 2 cups of coffee, I can now understand the hype. While the jury is still out about “most important meal of the day”, it’s very likely they’ll come back with a positive verdict of it being incredibly important for the body and mind. Every day is a bit easier to face after you start it with a pleasantly full tummy. And from the multiple breakfast options you have out there, I’d highly recommend millet muesli for your first meal of the day. Take it from a complete convert. Here’s a list of how millet muesli helped one anti-breakfaster see the light and turn to Soulfull.

  1. It fits right into my morning rush hour
    Before work from home became the norm, mornings were a whirl of bathtime, outfit choices, getting ready, feeding the cats and getting out of the house in time to beat the traffic or catch the right train and get to work on time. Phew. Now that the home is the office, there’s a different kind of hustle every morning. Cooking for the family, doing household chores and grabbing that coffee just before you get onto the day’s first (of many) Zoom calls. Cooking a healthy breakfast? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Soulfull’s Millet Muesli counters all those arguments with a smile. Pour into a bowl, add a dash of milk and you’re good to go. Whether you want to gobble it before you head out, carry it with you to work for a meal at the office desk, or take the bowl with you to your first concall at home, this breakfast is so convenient that you’re hard pressed for an excuse to skip it.
  2. It takes care of my bad habits                                                              Now theoretically, I know that I’m supposed to have fruit and dairy everyday. Eating proper amounts of those will give me calcium and a whole alphabet’s worth of essential vitamins that as a city dweller with a tendency to skip meals, I should focus on more. But I don’t love milk on its own, and can’t be bothered with fruits as a separate snack. By breakfasting on millet muesli, I kill three birds with one stone.                   a) The millet muesli itself has nutrients galore. Big doses of protein and fibre, and the goodness of ragi, oats and dry fruits and honey. That’s a win already.                                                                                                       b) It goes perfectly either with  milk or yoghurt, so I get my dairy fix taken care of without having to think of it separately.                                           c) Fruits on their own are a chore, but cut up and added to muesli and milk? Delicious. One day it’s banana, one day it’s a handful of pomegranates, one day it’s the fruit du jour (and the only fruit I’ll go out of my way to get), sliced mangoes. This is a delightful fresh way to add some variety and delight to breakfast, and that’s not even taking into account the fruit the millet muesli already contains. Soulfull’s Dark Chocolate variant has cranberries and almonds,  while the Fruit and Nut variant has papaya cranberry, apple, strawberries, almond and raisins! And my favourite, the Fruits, Nuts and Seeds variant has cranberries, raisins, strawberry, almond and beetroot extract!                                                                  With all this incorporated so seamlessly into my diet, I automatically feel healthier and don’t have to work harder to get in those nutrients.
  3. Being fit and healthy becomes less abstract                                   There are several reasons why millet muesli gives a leg up to fitness.        Firstly, it’s a fantastic pre or post workout meal. I prefer it before my exercise routine or morning run, it gives me that boost of energy to power through for my personal best. But if you prefer post workout, it’s just as good. It satiates your hunger and gives you the nutrients necessary to repair those muscles, and lets you carry the benefits of exercise throughout the day. You can go for the Diet Millet Muesli or the Crunchy Millet Muesli to eat in line with your fitness goals.                          Secondly, I know what I’m eating in more detail than I expected to. With the nutritional information listed on Soulfull’s label, I can track the protein, fat, and kcal of energy that I’m consuming. After one bowl of millet muesli, I know I’ve gotten 2g of fibre, 6g of protein and 155kcal of energy. Coupled with a calorie tracking app, I’m able to accurately track and be aware of my macros and can sync my diet to my exercise regime and fitness goals.  This really takes fitness from an abstract concept to be pledged every year on new year into the realm of the everyday. And it starts with a bowlful of crunch in the morning.
  4. I eat right, all day everyday
    Continuing the point above, I don’t need to regulate my diet purely on the macros I track. With a breakfast full of fibre like Millet Muesli, I go further on that than I would on other breakfast options. One bowl of millet muesli, milk and fruits and I stay full for much much longer. Gone are the days of craving a snack just after my late morning meeting, with my stomach having worked through my morning muffin or boiled egg or (let’s face it) multiple cups of coffee. With a millet muesli breakfast, I stay full for longer, automatically regulate portion sizes for lunch, avoid bingeing, and eat moderate amounts. This of course sets the stage for rest of the day, minimises evening snack cravings, and lets me enjoy a regular sized dinner without having to skip it, take tiny portions, or overindulge. In short, one bowl in the morning let’s me eat right for the rest of the day. That’s a lot of credit to give muesli but hey the bowl has spoken.

From no breakfast to other less satisfactory breakfasts to the holy grail of morning meals, it’s been an interesting journey. And with my bowl, spoon, milk and trusted box of breakfast by my side, I look forward to convincing you to go pro-breakfast, pro-muesli and pro-Soulfull.

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