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The Morning Ragi

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we’re quite pleased to count ourselves in the mysterious “they” who firmly believe in this. But for a meal of this much importance, it sure gets neglected a lot right? We’ve seen busy professionals skipping it entirely and grabbing a cup of coffee or three instead. In the morning rush of shower-get kids ready-exercise-choose outfit-rush for meeting or log in to zoom call, breakfast is relegated to “ehh I’ll directly eat lunch”.

First up - Eat your breakfast! It breaks your fast from the night before (that is what it is called after all), gives you a boost of energy in the morning, keeps you alert, regulates your appetite so you can eat reasonable quantities of lunch and dinner… the list goes on but we’re not just convincing you of the benefits of breakfast here. We’re talking about a healthy ragi breakfast and why it’s even better than your run of the mill everyday breakfast, especially if you make it a Soulfull one. Let’s go, and tell us if you’re convinced by the end of this.

  1. It’s so simple
    We’re realistic. We know you have a lot going on in the mornings so you can’t be whipping up an elaborate meal before it’s even 10am. Pour some Millet Muesli into a bowl, add some milk and you’re ready to spoon up some crunchy deliciousness. Making breakfast can actually be done and dusted in 10 seconds, if that’s your top priority.
  2. It comes in the shape, size and form you want
    Feel like having a sweet breakfast? Ragi bites are your friend. Want something with a whole bunch of crunch? Millet Muesli is your go-to. Want something you can grab and go and sip on the way? Cocoa or almond Smoothix it is! Choose your ragi, there are so many ways you can eat it.
  3. It can be made VERY interesting
    Whether you prefer plain old ragi or really customised meals, Soulfull’s millet products bend to your will. If you want some fruit in your breakfast, toss some into your bowl of muesli. Want to use up yesterday’s chutney before lunchtime? Hey, dosa to the rescue. Want something slightly fancy without wanting to put in too much effort? We have a bunch of recipes for you to try, so go check those out.
  4. So.Much.Nutrition.
    Our finger millet (ragi) friend is quite the wondergrain. While you’re revelling in its taste and ease with which you can whip up a morning meal, you’re also getting a lot of goodness per gram. It’s a veritable powerhouse of calcium and can give you a significant portion of your day’s protein requirements. It also has potassium, carbs, and amino acids… So of course, a glass full of Smoothix can double up as the perfect energizer before your morning workout. Empty a sachet into a glass, add milk or water and shake-shake-shake your way to ensuring that your day starts out on a glorious note.
  5. Portion control just became simpler
    Ragi has a whole lot of dietary fibre which helps in digestion, and helps you feel fuller for longer. So no more hunger pangs just when you’ve gotten into the flow of work, no urge to gorge yourself on an unnecessarily large lunch to help you feel full, no need for snacking to keep yourself going. Smaller portions, healthier meals, and of course - an automatic effect on health, weight and wellbeing. How’s that for a breakfast of champions?

So rise and shine because there’s a lot to be done, and a ragi breakfast will let you get it all done while being delicious and fun! Pick your favourite breakfast by browsing through the options here: https://www.soulfull.co.in/collections/all-products



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