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Meet Millet Muesli: A delicious, versatile way to stay fit

Hey ho food aficionados! Imagine a meal that’s delicious, one that you keep coming back to because it’s pretty damn good mmm I’d like some more please.

 A meal like that surely can’t be healthy, can it? Healthy foods aren’t tasty and vice versa… right? Well well well. You are happily wrong! Say hello to Soulfull’s Millet Muesli - the food that is tasty, healthy, and darned good for starting your mornings with. This is one guilty pleasure that’s not guilty at all because it is where you begin your fitness  journey. Want to know how and why? Let’s delve deeper into the new highlight of your health routine.

Now for those looking for a one stop solution to losing weight and staying healthy… well that doesn’t exist. But millet muesli gets you well past the starting line of this marathon and sets in place the process for a healthy eating routine.

Muesli, but make it science

First things first, millet muesli’s main superpower (apart from being yummy) is the fibre and protein content.  Now on its own for nutritional purposes, this is excellent. The human body needs 25g fibre and at least 33g protein per day for everything to be in good working order. But this goes beyond maintenance of the old body machinery.

 A study conducted at UMass medical school showed that an increase in fibre and protein intake was instrumental in weight loss, without any specific need for calorie counting or restricting the diet in any way. It is of course recommended that you chart out a meal plan for yourself and get an exercise routine underway after talking to a nutritionist and trainer, but this is ground zero. The base camp. The prep before you begin the actual prep for weight loss of any kind. It’s pretty simple isn’t it? A simple bowl of muesli, and so much it can do for you.

How to live the Millet Muesli life

a) Breakfast time!
Starting your day with a bowl of millet muesli has multiple benefits. First, you can shoo away those people saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day because while they’re right, you don’t need them telling you that you’ve got that covered. Starting your day with muesli means you get the dose of energy to kickstart your day, AND the fibre content means you stay full for longer. No mid morning tummy rumbles, no need for unnecessary snacking, no need for gorging on lunch. In one step you’ve set the tone for the day and controlled the portion size for your next meal. Pretty efficient!

b) Always keep innovating

You know when you have one item of food everyday and then you get so bored of it you derail your diet completely and then regret it? Well, you won’t need to worry about that with millet muesli. There are so many different ways to eat it, you could fill a cookbook with the different avatars of muesli. Hey, maybe that should be our next project! But until then, here are some recipes to give you a head start on experimenting.

c) Take the others along!

Of course, you need to have an optimum mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy and other food groups to keep healthy. Millet Muesli is a great vehicle for all those slightly boring food groups that you don’t feel like eating on their own. Need more fruits? Cut ‘em up and toss them in your Millet Muesli bowl. Dairy seeming daunting? Add milk or yoghurt to your breakfast! Add chia seeds. Peanut butter. Matcha! Pretty much anything goes with a bowl of Soulfull Millet Muesli so have at it and experiment!

d) Ok fine, you’re allowed a snack

In case you do feel hungry, snack on Millet Muesli! This way, you’re not eating junk food. No processed sugar, no empty calories. Just a solid and wholesome mouthful to get you through until the next meal which you can control the portions of yet again.

e) Maximise those cheat meals

Dieting very rigorously can be super boring, we know it. We’ve always advocated moderation, and slipping a cheat meal into your health routine to keep you motivated while enjoying the occasional binge. When you do have a cheat meal coming up, make the most of it. Start that day with Millet Muesli instead of a heavier and unhealthier option to ensure that you save it all for the much awaited treat.

So friends, we hope we can leave you with this takeaway - Millet Muesli isn’t the ultimate answer to weight loss, but it is the easiest and best way to stay fit . And hey, you get many many delicious Millet Muesli meals in the process. Maybe this weight loss process won’t be as difficult as you think it will be. Good luck, and happy muesli-ing to you!


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