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You need some of that Vitamin D in your life

By now, we all know the three steps to keep Covid-19 at bay:
  1. Constant hand washing and sanitising
  2. Wearing masks when we’re in public
  3. Staying inside as much as possible

That seems simple enough. The problem is, sticking to this rigidly might prevent the virus, but could lead to other problems, and we’re not talking about mask marks.
If we stay indoors for too long, we end up missing out on Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin, as it is cheerfully called, is produced in our body and stimulated by direct sunlight. It keeps our bones healthy, protects against heart and respiratory ailments, and is important for building a strong immunity - all of which are rather crucial right now. Don’t take our word for it - researchers found that 80% of Covid-19 patients at a Spanish hospital were Vitamin D-deficient. On the other hand, those with sufficient amounts recover quicker, according to another study

Yep, you need a little more of this in your life. Especially these days.
Okay, truth be told, this isn’t exactly a new problem. Those of us in cities have gotten used to the doctor saying “Vitamin D deficiency!” for a while now, thanks to late office hours and a lack of outdoor activities. It’s estimated 85% of Indian adults have a deficiency, and this is likely to get worse as our lives are confined to the 4 walls as we work on Zoom, socialize on Google Meet and even attend weddings on YouTube Live. It’s time we found a way to proactively incorporate Vitamin D into our daily routine… And alas, even the celebrated haldi-doodh can’t solve this problem. Not alone, anyway.
Sigh, remember the good ol’ days when we could do this?

Firstly, you gotta eat ‘em Vitamin D rich foods.
You’ll get the sunshine vitamin from certain fatty fish, dairy products and egg yolks. Another great source is good ol’ ragi. Yes, along with all those immunity-boosting antioxidants, Ragi has a nice healthy dose of Vitamin D and its good pal calcium. Together, the two form a hormone called calcitriol that strengthens your bones. And the beauty of ragi lies in its versatility, with multiple simple ways to add it to your diet: From dosa to smoothie.

Soulfull makes incorporating ragi (and hence Vitamin D) easy: choose from our Millet Muesli, Ragi Flakes, Ragi dosa mix, or just have a snack with the ragi-infused Smoothix smoothies or Ragi Bites.

You say ragi, we say Vitamin D (and a bunch of other good stuff, too)

Second, get out (but be safe)
Make like a flower and turn to the sun. Take a morning walk (with a mask, of course). Read a book in the sunny part of your balcony. Walk around downstairs when you’re on an office call. Exercise on the terrace. Welcome the sun into your life!
Remember that 3-step routine at the beginning of this article? We’re turning that into 4 steps now and changing the order. Say it with us.

  1. Stay inside and avoid contact with others. But occasionally...
  2. Put on that mask,
  3. Sanitise your hands,
  4. Get some sun, then come back home and have a healthy ragi snack!

This way, you’ll keep yourselves safe from the virus, and hit your Vitamin D requirements.
Like some very fine musicians once sang...

Here comes the sun, do, do, do, do
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's all right

The Beatles probably had Vitamin D on their mind when they sang this. Just kidding.


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