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A Healthy Body and Healthy Mind begins with what you Eat

Say the word ‘healthy’ out loud. What do you instantly think of?
Exotic kale dishes?
Your mother pestering you to eat better?

You may gravitate towards the first three options, but turns out your mother knew what was what all along! Today, let’s speak about diet - not of the no-carb, juice-cleanse, keto, paleo variety, but the basics. Getting your diet in order doesn’t mean restrictions on what you eat. It’s all about ensuring you’re getting what you need on a daily basis, and ensuring that it’s all consumed in moderation to ensure you stay fit and fine (and happy!). And what is healthy? Strong. Full of stamina. Peaceful. A rapid metabolism. Being calm and collected. And yes... eating right can work wonders for your body AND mind.

The body part, you knew. Eating right ensures you get all the building blocks required for you to develop muscle, maintain a strong immunity, be energised throughout the day and ensure your body runs like a well-oiled machine.

And mind? Yes - more than you think. The link between what you eat and your brain is strong. All your hormones and neurotransmitters function to help you regulate your appetite, sleep, moods, pain thresholds, and more. One simple example of nutritious food having a double whammy of good side effects can be seen by looking at the digestive system itself. Eating clean healthy food has a lot of good bacteria and…..

It impacts the body It impacts the mind
Good bacteria protects the lining of your intestines.
It prevents absorption of toxins.
This improves nutrient absorption and ensures a well functioning digestive system.
 Serotonin (commonly called the happiness hormone) is mainly produced in the digestive tract.
The production of this neurotransmitter is influenced by good bacteria that you ingest along with nutritious food!
What you need in your diet for a healthy mind and body

Now let’s look at the basic components needed for a nutritious diet, and we’ll tell you how Soulfull can make your journey towards health a bit easier.

  1. Vegetables - They say you should eat vegetables of 5 different colours every day. Most can be classified into green, red, yellow, purple, and white, that’s a whole lotta variety in them veggies! Cook them in innovative new ways, steam them, mash them, make subjis and eat them along with Soulfull’s multigrain instant dosas. The options are innumerable. 
  2. Fruits and Nuts- They have fibre and essential vitamins, help lower cholesterol, and help you build immunity. Soulfull’s Muesli already has a good dose of fruits AND nuts, but chopping up some fruit and tossing them in your daily breakfast, be it muesli, oats or flakes, helps you begin your day in a wholesome fresh way.
  3. Grains - A whole different blog post can be written about the benefits of grains, but for now let’s summarise it as - They’re high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, aids in digestion and energy and reduce the risk of several ailments. Grains are the core of all Soulfull products - especially millets like ragi. There’s no shortage of ways in which you can eat these - from healthy breakfasts with Muesli and Ragi flakes, to delicious snacks like Ragi Bites, to hearty dinners like Instant Dosa. 
  4. Protein - A vital component of any diet, you must ensure you have a variety of protein sources in your meals, be it meat, dairy, or grains. Soulfull’s products are naturally high in protein so you can choose - anything from a protein rich drink like Smoothix to Chocolate filled Ragi bites. 
  5. Dairy - You may not always like drinking milk, but hey you gotta get that calcium, protein and Vitamin D. Make it more fun by having it with our breakfast options like Ragi Flakes, a variety of flavours of Ragi Bites, or through a delicious Smoothix drink that will fill you up and keep you energised. 
We realise, some of this sounds like stuff you already know. But reader, take a step back and honestly examine your eating habits. Are you ticking off all the items in that list on a daily basis? If yes, then excellent! You’ve got it covered. If not, then it’s never too late to begin and Soulfull will help you stick to it.
A few more tips, to ensure that body and mind are in a good space
Eat small and frequent portions - Smaller, more frequent and nutrition packed meals go a longer way than large indulgent ones. Psst - Soulfull’s high fibre products will even help you stay full for longer!
If you must snack, do it right - Instead of reaching for empty calories like fizzy drinks or fried chips, Ragi Bites or Smoothix are a healthier choice. And might we add, they’re pretty tasty!
Hydrate - Keep a bottle of water handy, set some mobile app reminders to keep drinking, get in that H2O.
Take your time. Savour every bite. Be mindful (and Soulfull!) as to what’s on every spoonful and you’ll end the meal feeling better about it.
Here’s to an energised, calm, peaceful way forward - for the happiest, healthiest, best version of you yet.

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