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No Bake Millet Tart

Made with richness of Millet Muesli and topped up with Mango Yoghurt, Fruits, Nuts & Seeds is the No Bake Millet Tart. Thanks to Shweta, this recipe is literally a life saver when you crave to indulge (especially sweet) and want to keep calorie count low. 💪


For Tart Shell:

  • Pulse Fruits, Nuts & Seeds Millet Muesli (2 Cups)
  • Chopped Dates/Figs (2-3)
  • A pinch of Sea Salt in a Food Processor to form coarse powder.

For the filling:

  • In the meantime, Blitz Ripe Mango (1/2 Cup) in the mixer till it forms a smooth paste.


For the tart:

  • In a big bowl, add the coarse powder and Date Syrup/Honey/Maple Syrup (as needed). Mix everything well till the mixture starts holding shape, if not, add lil more Date Syrup.
  • Add the mixture to Tart Moulds (preferably with removable base or Silcone Ones) filling only 2/3rd of it. Gently press from all sides to make sure it forms Tart shape
  • The tart can be made and consumed instantly but I would recommend chilling for 30 mins for firmer and better hold.
  • Gently mix it with Hung curd (1.5 Cup) until blends well.

For the filling:

  • Take out the Tart Shells carefully and pour the filling into it. Set it again in the fridge for about 10 mins.
  • Top it up with Fruits, Nuts and Seeds of your choice. Serve Chilled for better taste!


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